‘Conformity J.F.K.’ Tee


‘Conformity J.F.K.’ Tee

The bald eagle will never stop being our symbol of freedom. But to conform…to listen to that constant news on TV telling us about groups, panels, discussions, and all the evil in the world that is after America, wanting to strike at the very heart of us – is the wrong thing to do. No one can bring us down. We will never forget that we were, are, and will always remain, FREE. With each passing day, perhaps it feels as if that freedom is being lost ever so slightly. But then, you need to only look at this face to remember. THIS is the face of truth. THIS is the face that will remind one and all of the grace, speed, intelligence and power, of those doers and seekers who will not stop until they achieve the American Dream. The bald eagle never stops speaking. This is how our country started. THIS is the face that represents every man and woman who fight for us all. THIS is the face that stands for the country whose citizens stand up and…SOAR. THIS is the face of America! And for those out there who need a reminder…the face of the bald eagle may be elegant, but the talons on this bad boy will hurt ya!

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