Get a Jump on the Garden by Growing & Sowing in March


Get a Jump on the Garden by Growing & Sowing in March

by Amy Lignor


March is the right time to plant that garden, and if you don’t believe me, just head to your local store and see the ton of varieties of flowers, herbs and plants that are all set out and ready for you to sow and grow.


Springtime, gardens, summer bedding plants, planting tips, sow and growIf you are not the consummate gardener, there is something you should know. Doctors and experts in the health industry always speak (in this non-healthy decade) about gardening being a huge contributor to bettering physical and mental health. Not only that, but bring your children in to help with the projects, and you will see that the art of sowing and growing will do them wonders. Getting them away from the TV’s, cell phones, and video games will not only help make your garden stunning but it will encourage your kids to learn about how to build and grow a sustainable environment.


It may seem like you must have that big lot, medium to large-sized home with a big backyard, in order to grow that perfect garden. However, that is a definite ill-conceived notion. In cities everywhere, there are gardens being planted on top of condos and even sky-rises in order to create an environment where one can go to rest and relax.


So, what is ready for you to take on? If you haven’t planted a garden in the past, it is best to draw up a layout of exactly what you want to plant and where you want it. If you are a vegetable person, that’s perfect. Go back to the healthiest of all foods, which is what you would grow for you and your family to eat. If you are the chef of the house and want fresh herbs, using a simple window box will do the trick. And, of course, if you are that flower fan, there are thousands of varieties and colors that would make the most beautiful garden on the block.


With March, comes these flowers to sow and grow! If you wish to grow indoors/heated or inside a lovely greenhouse, the best picks are:


Aster, which will provide that stunning summer and fall color that you can’t get anywhere else.

Ageratum, to add that bright blue to summer garden beds.

Celosia, to contrast that blue with a fiery mix of red.

Dahlia, which need to be sown now in order to create those perfect tubers for the fall months, and all the summer bedding plants (i.e., petunias and geraniums) that are a ‘must-have’ for any flower garden.


And remember: always sow stocks on those windowsills that receive the brightest sunshine and choose ones that will add beautiful fragrances so you can enjoy sitting outside this summer and breathing it all in while you enjoy the view.


When it comes to the fruit and veggie category to sow and grow indoors:


Aubergines and celeriac need extended growing seasons so starting the seeds now is a must.

Basil seeds should be placed on that kitchen windowsill, as well as sowing Brussel sprouts, cauliflowers, celery, sweet peppers, and chili peppers indoors, starting right now, until the risk of frost is gone.
For perennial herbs (i.e., rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme) it’s time to grow them under cover.

And when it comes to the greenhouse, cucumbers and tomato seeds are a must-do for March.


If you want to plant directly outdoors, however, those wildflower seed mixtures are not only a gift to bring around those butterflies, but they also provide that shot of color throughout the garden. And the veggies you love, such as sweet peas, broad beans, and beetroot can be sown outdoors in the well-prepared soil right now. Herbs such as, chives, dill and parsley go directly into the ground, or in containers, and creating that comfrey bed will have you producing your own organic fertilizer to make sure the garden is always healthy.


From spinach to watercress; rhubarb crowns to shallots and garlic sets, the month of March is the right time to make sure that your garden is one that you and your family can enjoy!

Source:  Baret News


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