On the Mend Bass Pro-Mark Davis is Progressing


On the Mend

Bass pro-Mark Davis is progressing well after recent surgery.

By Capt. Gus Caine


Elite Series pro bass angler Mark Davis isn’t too good at sitting around. He’s become an accomplished walker, however, due to recent surgery. Since having his hip joint replaced seven weeks ago this veteran has been sidelined for a big chunk of the tournament season. His doctor just granted a partial release so Davis can now fish one or two days a week but no more than two days consecutively.

“The recovery is going really well,” Davis explains. “So far, so good. The first three weeks were tough. I was going crazy because I just had to pass the time. The therapy for hip replacement is to get out and walk, move around, so I’ve been doing a lot of that. The more walking you do, the better. But now I can do even more things, so that’s good.”


Between walks, Davis has been adding a few new accessories to his 21-foot metal boat that he uses to fun-fish local waters. His tournament Skeeter FX21 powered by a Yamaha VF250 outboard is fully rigged and ready to go. So is his tackle. And since the Elite Series moves to different locations all the time, advance research isn’t really necessary or productive, either.

“I’m on track to get a full medical release after 12 weeks,” Davis adds. “So it’ll be late summer before I’m fully back in action and the Elite Series will be pretty much over by then. So I’m looking at next year to really get back to hardcore tournament fishing.”

The Bassmaster® Elite Series is the highest level on the competitive bass tournament circuit. Pro anglers compete all season to earn points towards the Toyota® Bassmaster® Angler of the Year title and to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic®.

So does Davis regret having the surgery? Not in the least.

“My advice would be if you need to have hip replacement surgery, go ahead and get it done,” he says. “Don’t wait. It’s such a relief, pain-wise and it wasn’t as bad as other surgeries I’ve had on my shoulder. The first three weeks are the worst. I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the lake more often, though.”

Mark Davis and his new hip are anxious to get back on the water. Look out fish, here they come.

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